Why Data Privacy is Necessary in Today’s World

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An unfathomable excess of online data is generated every day as the global economy churns; individuals take to social media; and modern life strives to keep pace with advancing technology. Securing that data is rapidly becoming a necessity as companies recognize it as an asset and realize the potential value in collecting, using, and sharing • Read More »


How to Make the Most Out of Open Enrollment

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Choosing the right benefits during open-enrollment season is so important and can help save money. It can also give individuals and families broader support with their health. Benefits like medical coverage are particularly important with high inflation having such a big impact on people’s budgets. A survey by UnitedHealthcare found that nearly 40% of employees • Read More »

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Leveling Up Your Open Enrollment Game: Tips for Success

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For most employers, employee benefits represent a significant portion of their overall budget and a critical part of their employee recruitment and retention strategy. Benefits vary from employer to employer but can range from medical or dental insurance to flexible spending accounts, life and disability insurance, and more. The annual process of renewing those benefits • Read More »

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