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Controlling Employee Benefit Costs Amidst Inflation

August 30, 2022 | By Cleveland Benefits Partners

Inflation is a silent budget killer- it causes everything to go up, from your groceries to your gas, as the purchasing power of money decreases.  Americans are feeling the pinch as the U.S. experiences the highest inflation level in 40 years. Inflation has been particularly frustrating for Americans who are struggling to pay for items • Read More »

4 Ways Inflation and Higher Costs Impact HR

June 20, 2022 | By Cleveland Benefits Partners

U.S. President Joe Biden recently laid out his plans to combat inflation and the high cost of living. The average family is spending an additional $327 per month compared to pre-pandemic costs, according to a CNN broadcast May 10. At the time, the national average price of gas was $4.37. While the Federal Reserve can • Read More »